14 - 16 NOVEMBER 2019

TTS-ISODP Scientific Awards

Application Closed

TTS-ISODP Scientific Congress Awards Recipients

The TTS-ISODP Scientific Congress Awards will be distributed during the ISODP General Assembly on Friday, November 15 at 16:30 in Al Ras Room. Please join us in congratulating our colleagues.

Karen Waller, Australia

231.1 on Assessment of blood borne viruses risk in organ donation: Use of linked health data to identify missed opportunities and transmissions in an Australian cohort

Hari Shankar Meshram, India

118.2 on Non-simultaneous kidney exchange cycles in resource restricted countries without non directed donation

Nabeela Shihab, Australia

116.4 on Is it possible or is it not? Commencement of organ donation services in a smaller hospital in Western Australia

Meysam Mojtabaee, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

116.5 on Assessment of Impact of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on Short and Midterm Results of Cardiac Transplantation

Omid Ghobadi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

342.6 on What are the main reasons for family’s refusal of organ donation?

Kiran Jang Kunwar, Nepal

208.4 on An Overview on Transplant Issues and Organ Donation in Nepal

Marzieh Latifi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

208.5 on Donor Card Cancellation Reasons in Iran

Mulugeta Adhanom, Ethiopia

307.6 on Planning for deceased organ donation in Ethiopia

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